Week 1: Studio Library

I introduced the studio by discussing a series of books. These are some of the books that frame the content and support the methodology of the Forensics Studio. There is a cart in the studio that will be be our studio library. There is also an online library in our shared Box folder. Each team …

Week 1: Methodology

FORENSIC METHODOLOGY From Narrow to Broad. From Specific to Generic. From Small to Big Methodology is the conceptual framework that sets up the methods used to conduct research. It is the overarching logic used to pursue knowledge within a given field of study. Forensics begins from a narrow focused condition that can be expanded to …

Week 1: Forensics

The studio defines forensics in three ways: 1. Referring to the (forum) and the practice of making an argument. 2. Referring to the (techniques) used to develop investigative strategies. 3. Referring to (time) and the non-linear sequencing of events.

Week 1: Reading

In addition to checking out the website (www.forensics-studio.org), each of you is required to read the introduction, pages 3 to 19, from Architectural Research Methods  before the first day of class.