Week 7: Book Spread Review

I woke up with a sore throat and I won’t make it to studio today.

On Monday we will have a book spread review. It is important that each team demonstrates the full scope of their research in their book.

Print and pinup all of your spreads, including the initial spreads we reviewed two weeks ago. Some teams are working through the book, others are working through their website, some are working on the live presentation and performance. Some are not working through any of these media — this is a self-evident problem.

The independence afforded by the self-directed work weeks is not producing the quality and intensity of work I expect. This is the last week I will match or exceed the intensity of your work/performance. It’s time for each team to increase the quality and quantity of their work, before the start of spring break. Communicate intellectual risks with confidence, visual power, and rhetorical skill.

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