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Week 9: Project Questions

Below is the latest set of project questions and statements. Featured image by Jacob Ricke and Riley Walz, from their "Digital Client" project. Week 8_Arch 652_Statements  

Week 7: Talking Practice

Check out the GSD podcast, Talking Practice, episode with Reiner de Graaf. He is a principal at OMA / AMO and the author of "Two Walls and a Roof". Talking Practice is hosted by Grace La, GSD professor and founding partner of LA DALLMAN.

Week 7: Book Spread Review

I woke up with a sore throat and I won’t make it to studio today. On Monday we will have a book spread review. It is important that each team demonstrates the full scope of their research in their book. Print and pinup all of your spreads, including the initial spreads we reviewed two weeks …


Week 5: Film on Kanopy

You all have free access to Kanopy through our university library account. Kanopy is a film streaming service with great content. Check out, The Future of Work and Death.

Week 5: Book Anatomy

Reference The Anatomy of the Architectural Book by André Tavares as you work through your books. The book is in our studio drawer. Compared to your websites, book work is slow and relative infrequent. Work through each media in relation to speed and the scope of your research.